Spartan Survives 2018

20 December, 2018

To paraphrase Queen Elizabeth II speaking to the Guildhall in 1992: [2018]… is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure. In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents,… Read more ›

Better Late than Never

10 December, 2018

Update: After a quiet first seven days we finally have an update from Challenger and it seems Chris and the ARC crew have been hard at work. So far so good on Challenger. After being… Read more ›

Temet Nosce – Know Thyself

23 March, 2018

I keep making changes for the better in my life- but I’m not sure my life is getting any better When I first got into offshore sailing at 18 I was a volunteer working with… Read more ›

50% of the Caribbean 600 Fleet Fail to Finish but a Deep-Reefed Challenger Sees it Through

8 March, 2018

The crew from Frenchman’s Bay YC could not have known when they booked with us last Fall what kind of event this year’s Caribbean 600 would turn out to be. With winds on start day… Read more ›

Better Bankruptcy of purse…

6 February, 2018

CSM has a think about what really matters to Spartan. Since the very first day I sat down to write the business plan for Spartan it has been my personal dream to find a way… Read more ›

CSM Peers back through the Fog at 2017

16 January, 2018

I have been reliably informed that 2017 is a train that has now left the station and any saved up phone minutes, last year’s resolutions or Christmas turkey sandwiches are to be considered past their… Read more ›

Vendee Globe

12 September, 2017

The Vendee Globe represents the pinnacle of offshore yachting- one sailor, totally alone, circumnavigating the world is a competitive concept anyone can grasp very quickly and equally quickly understand this is no ordinary pursuit. The… Read more ›

Fastnet Foolishness?

11 September, 2017

So, yeah the Fastnet. After a protracted period beating myself up for our less than stellar result I have decided two things- 1. Everybody had a great time so actually the result on the water… Read more ›

Start of the Line- New Rope for Spartan

30 July, 2017

Arriving initially in California to work on Charger it was sad as always to see the results of the heavy pollution in the Port of LA area. The light gray deck was almost black with… Read more ›

Last Stretch

13 December, 2016

After 3300Nm we finally have Grenada in sight and the crew are elated. Whilst this has been a race and we have not won(!) the scale of the challenge we have completed is not lost… Read more ›

Closer to the Barn

10 December, 2016

Not far to go now- Challenger continues to head ever West and life onboard is a finely oiled machine. Watch changes, on deck evolutions, food preparation & cleaning- after 2500Nm together 14 people have made… Read more ›

Froggy Bows Out

8 December, 2016

When you buy a race boat there are a number of things you always get as part of the package; 1. A box of spares that do not seem to fit anywhere on the boat,… Read more ›

The Level Playing Field of Sailing

7 December, 2016

Still out here… Yep certainly getting our money’s worth with this edition of the RORC Transatlantic Race- BUT seems the race office have finally flipped the switch on the weather and suddenly its everything every… Read more ›

Slow Going & No Voice

4 December, 2016

Keen observers will have noted that everyone and his dog in this race has now ground to a halt as the high we were all looking to skirt round took a quick step to the… Read more ›

Wind Hole

1 December, 2016

After a decent night making steady headway alternating between headsails and the Code zero we thought life was pretty good onboard Challenger until with the coming up of the sun, the Zero started to wilt,… Read more ›

Just Off Africa

1 December, 2016

So, has anyone noticed this race is taking forever? Now granted we are not leading the pack but hell’s teeth we’re still within spitting distance of Africa! Where are the white fluffy clouds? Where is… Read more ›

The Joy of Sailing

31 August, 2016

There is almost never a moment these days when I can sail our boats quietly and peacefully just for the sheer joy of sailing. For the past ten years all of my sailing has been… Read more ›

Route Halifax-St.Pierre Race 2016

30 July, 2016

The Route Halifax St.Pierre Race 2016 sailed last week and Challenger was right there once again proudly flying the flag for Spartan R/T, Nova Scotia and the Ocean Class. We were lucky to be joined… Read more ›

Double Handed back from St.Pierre

6 July, 2016

With the race done and the prize-giving finished we turned our attention to the return trip back to Halifax. With the weather on the race course having been headwinds the whole way one might be… Read more ›

Newport Bermuda Race 2016

30 June, 2016

The Newport Bermuda Race is one of the premier offshore events in North America and Challenger was one of only 200 boats invited to attend. After a mad dash North to Newport from St.Maarten at… Read more ›

Stay Calm & Sail ON

27 May, 2016

Challenger was originally designed for 12 professional sailors to push as hard as is humanly possible, far offshore at speeds in excess of 25kts. The fastest of her class (Illbruck) has covered 478Nm in a… Read more ›

70 knots+ in an Atlantic Weather Bomb

10 January, 2016

Challenger W60 Update. 29 N, 57 W, 2000hrs. Monday February 15, 2016. What an incredible past 10 days it has been on board Chris Stanmore‐Major’s (CSM) Whitbread 60 Challenger, en‐route from Nova Scotia to the… Read more ›