Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Race | Las Palmas to Saint Lucia | Nov 20 - Dec 4-9, 2020 | Skipper: CSM | Boat: Falcon

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has been the benchmark for those wishing to complete a transatlantic voyage since 1986. Thousands have successfully made the passage since then and in the process had a fantastic experience developing their sailing skills, racing or cruising down one of the world’s most famous trading routes and no doubt meeting new friends and crew mates along the way.

Crossing the Atlantic is a tipping point for most sailors – once completed all areas of the world’s oceans suddenly become possible frontiers to be explored and enjoyed. As with any event, our intention is to teach as much about ocean voyaging and seamanship as we can- what is exciting about the Transat is that a prolonged period of tuition is available allowing everyone on board to get to grips with all aspects of the boat.

We will have plenty of opportunity, to experience the higher speeds and quicker transit time associated with this kind of performance vessel. We ask all crew to bear in mind though that safety and not speed is our primary concern.

Before departure, we will be conducting two full days of safety training that will give each crew member the skills and knowledge they need to feel safe and proficient with all elements of the boat’s equipment. During the voyage, we invite all crew members to participate as fully as possible with the sailing to get the very best from the event. This means you will have every opportunity to helm, trim and work the foredeck for example as well as getting involved in normal everyday shipboard tasks like maintenance and cooking. We look forward to seeing you in this fantastic event!

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Good to know

Useful information about this event


Boat, captain, what's included and not

What’s included …

  • Food while on the boat
  • Accommodation on the boat once training has begun
  • 2 days of safety training prior to the event
  • Spartan crew shirt to wear onboard & keep
  • Your dockage fees
  • Diesel
  • Damage waiver

… and what’s not included

  • Travel to and from the boat
  • Visa fees (if needed)
  • On land food

Skipper: to be confirmed


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