The Mariner Podcast Episode 1: He That Would Go To Sea

12 April, 2020

Podcast Episode 1: Starting a Career at Sea

In this first episode, I talk about how I ended up starting a career at sea: it’s not what you might expect! I was actually over 18 when the realization came that life ashore was not going to be enough for me. I talk about my first ship ‘Ji Fung’ a brigantine at the Hong Kong Outward Bound School that changed my world forever and set me off on this life of voyaging and adventure.

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Who is the Mariner?

My name is Chris Stanmore-Major better known as CSM. I have over 300,000Nm experience in racing, cruising & expedition sailing and have raced twice around the world. I sailed solo around the world in the Velux 5 Oceans Race in 2011 (in Falcon’s sister ship) becoming the 182nd person ever to circumnavigate alone.

This Podcast channel is for sailors of all skill levels and backgrounds. My passion is seamanship & self-reliance and helping others realize their sailing dreams on their own boats – whatever size or shape of craft that may be.

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