The Mariner Podcast Episode 7: 36 Hour Mega Sail Repair- Solo

12 April, 2020

The Mariner Episode 7: 36 Hour Mega Sail Repair

In this podcast episode, I describe fixing the mainsail on Spartan and deciding to go ‘hell for leather’ from now on in the Velux 5 Oceans Race. I describe what it was like to find the will to carry on when I was already so completely exhausted and how that has become a very beneficial lesson in my life.

In the ‘Questions & Tangents’ section, I answer a question sent to me via Instagram asking ‘What was a never-ending puzzle I had to deal with as I sailed around the world?’ Great question and I hope the answer is long enough and rambling enough for you!

I go on to outline the Ocean Globe Race that Spartan will be entering in 2023- this will be an event that is open to everyone however participants will need to be aware of the dollar cost of being part of such a crew and the need for proper training both practical and theoretical.

Lastly, I announce the new Spartan On-line Seamanship Training we are releasing in April- this will provide a three-tier training system that should push past where RYA training (or similar) takes you and provides you with a structured system that will give you new confidence and ability when offshore. Individual units will begin at $200 dollars going up to packages that will also purchase an option to be on the Round the World team in 2023.

More details on that coming soon.

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Who is the Mariner?

My name is Chris Stanmore-Major better known as CSM. I have over 300,000Nm experience in racing, cruising & expedition sailing and have raced twice around the world. I sailed solo around the world in the Velux 5 Oceans Race in 2011 (in Falcon’s sister ship) becoming the 182nd person ever to circumnavigate alone.

This Podcast channel is for sailors of all skill levels and backgrounds. My passion is seamanship & self-reliance and helping others realize their sailing dreams on their own boats – whatever size or shape of craft that may be.

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